Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garden Update #1

Just wanted to update my garden news!

What is it about putting a seed or plant into the ground and watching it grow that is so exciting!

Especially when you begin to see it produce something.

Does the Lord feel that same excitement when we begin to sprout, to grow and then to produce fruit that glorifies Him?

My first pepper and tomato!
My squash is blossoming!

We put more mulch on the beds and more compost tea. The rain has been more than abundant and the humidity is fierce.

We have also reached 217 in our egg count.

Any customers?

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Don't Miss This Article

I'm telling you now, don't miss this article by Lygia Lovelace.


The Lovelace family is very special and dear to my heart. They have a heartfelt call to orphans and, in addition to their five biological children, have adopted five beautiful children from Thailand, Romania and Liberia. You can see some of their pictures here.

Lygia is a gifted writer and I never fail to be touched and convicted by her words. The Lord is using her in my life and I know that He will use her in yours.

I'm telling you now, don't miss these articles!!!