Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Will Love Them Freely

"I will love them freely."
Hosea 14:4

Surprising, isn't it?

With all my sin, with all my foibles, that the LORD God could love me "freely."

Without restrictions or interference...

Nothing can come between me and the Lord. No power is able to keep Him from me. Not even me. When I hesitate to come, when I think that I have pushed Him away I am only fooling myself.

In copious or generous amounts...

He lavishes his love upon me. There is no stinginess in His love, no favoritism, no special children. He does not worry that another one of His children will feel slighted because of the attention that He give to me because they in turn have all His notice.

He (unlike me) can give undivided attention to all His children equally and at the same time.

Opening and honestly...

His love does not leave me in my sin. He turns His attention to me and draws me back to Himself, changing my heart and my desire to do what is right.

Willingly and readily...

Without reserve, without holding it over my head until He feels that I have "paid enough," He forgives me. Forgiveness flows over me without hesitation and I am clean.

To read someone who can say it infinitely better than I, click HERE.

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