Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting It Right

I haven't posted in a long time now. Sharing ourselves is so revealing that I dread having anyone read about my failures, trials and ridiculous situations in which I find myself. If you were with me face to face, I wouldn't hesitate to 'tell all', but sometimes, in writing, it is so difficult to express my meaning. You can't see my eyes, hear my voice or read my body language and so I might be misunderstood or laughed at or ridiculed for the things shared.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

On a lighter note, my precious little daughter is finally beginning to express herself. She's beginning to tell everyone in the house what she wants or needs. Hmmmm, I am happy about her new vocabulary, aren't I?

It's funny how we think that we have arrived about certain issues. I sometimes am amazed at the confidence that many writers share about their parenting skills. Everyone seems to have the exact formula or method that will work for anyone if followed exactly as they 'lay it out'. I myself have been certain in the past that I knew precisely what was needed in someone elses' household. For instance, with Lydia being a 'late in life' addition to our home, I thought that my husband and I would just automatically avoid all the past pitfalls and arrogant mistakes we made when parenting our older three (there is a ten year space between our third and fourth). She is just 4 and I already have regrets. I am more relaxed this time. It is easier to see how unimportant some issues were that seemed paramount at the time, but I still can't get it 'right' yet.

When will I 'seek first His kingdom and His righteousness' so that all these things will be added unto me and mine? When will I begin to glorify Him and enjoy Him and be anxious for nothing. It is wonderful to know where to get all the 'right' answers. If I could only walk them out....