Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today I Choose Thankfulness

I'm thankful for....

a dear husband with unlimited patience who watches tenderly with bated breathe to see if I will embrace becoming conformed to His image.

loving friends who believe the best of me even when I simply don't deserve it.

sweet, sweet children who rush to serve our family especially when my husband and I are too tired to move.

a beautiful daughter-in-love who desires to be my friend.

a "bit of earth" on which to "dig and delve".

a Holy God and Savior who simply won't let me stay in my present sinful state, but loves me enough to move me from glory to glory.

Thank you everyone. You know who you are....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update #2

I know that I have not posted in quite a while, but truly, circumstances have prevented me!

My first born got married this past Saturday!!

I will post some pictures when I get them from the photographer. Needless to say, we are just thrilled with our new daughter-in-love. She is beautiful inside and out.

We have had some disappointments in the garden. First, a rabbit kept getting in at night and eating my yellow and zucchini squash! I used to love the Tale of Peter Rabbit. Now, though, I believe I identify with Farmer McGreggor more than Peter!

Recipe Tip: With the squash that we have gotten so far, I used a nifty little gadget called a Spiralizer to cut them in thin ringlets. (Actually, sweetie pie, Lydia, cut them and then proceeded to eat them! Yes, Miss Picky!) By marinading them in olive oil and soy sauce, they could be eaten raw, but tasted as though they had been sauteed. Mmmmmm!

The green beans have just about played out and I am going to replant them this weekend. I got about 12 pounds of beans from these plants. I don't know if that is remarkable or just average, but they were delicious. I don't know the price of organic fresh green beans, but the local grocery store had them priced at $2.99 yesterday so those yummy beans would have cost me around $35! We had some seed from last year, but my husband wanted to try a different variety this year so I did buy the seed, but that cost is minimal.

Recipe Tip: Take a jelly roll pan and brush it lightly with coconut oil. Spread out about a pound of green beans with ends snapped. Thinly slice an onion and top the beans. Add about 10 (yes, I said 10) cloves of garlic and place over the top. Once roasted the garlic will be deliciously mild. Salt and pepper to taste. Bake at 400 until beans are to your liking! I love them as they are, but my husband and sons like to sprinkle them with balsamic vinegar!

I have had about a dozen tomatoes to ripen so far, but about 75-80 have not ripened yet. I'm sure, with my luck, that they will all ripen on the same day! :)

Sun-dried tomatoes will definitely be on the menu.

Our fruit trees have totally shocked me! We just planted them along with our Spring garden and lo and behold, all the fig trees are bearing fruit along with several pears. I believe a delicious pear crisp is in order! I thought that you could not expect to have fruit for at least three years from when you planted.

Did you know
that pears actually need to be picked before they are ripe? Bill was reading about them in one of our organic gardening books and that was the advice given.

I have already harvested and made pesto with my basil and am going to havest and make more today. Companion gardeners say to plant basil alongside tomatoes. I tried that this year and I seem to be having a "bumper" crop! I will also dry some of the basil for use this winter, but I really prefer it fresh.

My only regret so far with this years garden is that we did not plant even more!


I think I said the same thing last year!