Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today I Choose Thankfulness

I'm thankful for....

a dear husband with unlimited patience who watches tenderly with bated breathe to see if I will embrace becoming conformed to His image.

loving friends who believe the best of me even when I simply don't deserve it.

sweet, sweet children who rush to serve our family especially when my husband and I are too tired to move.

a beautiful daughter-in-love who desires to be my friend.

a "bit of earth" on which to "dig and delve".

a Holy God and Savior who simply won't let me stay in my present sinful state, but loves me enough to move me from glory to glory.

Thank you everyone. You know who you are....

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad you came over to see me! It was probably one of the best harvests we have ever had as a family. We have 6 grandson's and they were allll out on the farm this year. It was just wonderful. As a parent you work so hard training your own sons and then the next generation comes along and they bring them back to your home. God has been so merciful to our family. In the good and the hard times.

    I love your post on thankfulness. It made me have to think on the things I am thankful for. Thank you for posting it!! Blessings to your day. Mine will be busy getting ready for Farmer's Market. We are so excited.