Friday, November 14, 2008

A Brand New Revelation

Will I ever get it right? I had the most amazing revelation that, of course, I've always known. I know that sounds silly, but it's true.

I don't have to worry or concern myself with things that are not my concern. I was wondering why my husband was not letting me help him with some things that I really don't have enough information to help with and he was apologizing for not meeting my expectations and suddenly, I realized that he didn't need my help in that area.

Am I his helpmeet? Yes. Could I do as good a job in this particular area? Probably, but if I do my job, he can do his.

It may sound simplistic, but when I have meals prepared, keep the house in order, have the clothes clean and put away, he doesn't have to concern himself with those things and, in turn, he can take care of the things that are not immediately in my realm.

Yes, I have a realm. I am not the maid. I am the handmaiden. The handmaiden of my Lord, Jesus. He has taught me to be a servant. Does this mean that I haven't the ability to rule in the workaday world? No. I have many abilities: music, art, sewing, teaching, hospitality. But, Jesus was a servant and I want to be like Jesus.

I told you I had a revelation today and I did. To be honest, I am worn out today. I have been poured like a drink offering, but I feel content and confident that I have truly been in His will today. I hope that you have too!

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  1. Yes, I too am learning to leave things alone that I could do--and am concerned they get done--but they aren't really my job. I try to remind myself that Jesus, who could have taken care of EVERYTHING, didn't. He only did what He was told to do by the Father. I'm trying to get to that place!

    BTW--I love the new profile pic!