Friday, November 28, 2008

A Different Christmas

This year we will be doing things a little differently than usual. Our son will be getting married next June to a lovely girl whom we love very much. We all have so much family in the area that my husband thought it would be good to start a new Christmas tradition to help with the myriad places that they will have to visit next year.

We had our family Thanksgiving at our house on Tuesday evening and on Thursday with Bill's family and will have our Christmas with our children tomorrow!

It has been a little hectic getting presents early and preparing for two feasts, but all in all, I believe it is actually stripping away some of the burden of the season already. We have a little house out here in east Texas. I didn't drag all the boxes of decorations from the city house. I did bring a few Christmas movies and the fixing to make Chex Mix. ;)

It is so quiet out here. The rain is falling and the morning is so peaceful. I have all day to get ready for our celebration tomorrow.

Isn't it funny how we imagine that something is going to be so difficult and it turns into such a beautiful blessing? I don't believe I have ever felt rest coming over me the day before Christmas before.

It feels wonderful...

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