Saturday, November 15, 2008

Isn't It Wonderful To Have Friends

I am continually amazed at how the Lord puts people together and how He literally glues us to each other.

I cannot understand how He completely meshes me with someone and the passing of time has no bearing on the depth of that friendship.

My sweet sister in the Lord has just undergone a terrible trial with her dear husband. He was found to have a return of cancer. I had not heard from her for a very long time, but when she needed me, she did not hesitate to call. She was not worried that too much time had past or that it would be embarrassing to call just when she had a need. And, of course, it was as though I had just talked to her yesterday!

The story ends well. During exploratory surgery, the doctor was able to get the entire tumor. My friend's husband will not even need radiation!

The Lord is holding all things together! Call that friend you haven't shared with in a long time. It won't matter to her if much time has past. She will just be glad to hear your voice!

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  1. Praise the Lord! Such wonderful news! I am so happy for them!