Saturday, December 6, 2008

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

I don't believe that I have shared here how my life goes each week. I'm not just the town mouse or just the country mouse. I am both. At the same the time.

Each week, my husband, three of my four children (one in college), our dog, our guinea pig and usually a guest travel from our town home to our "little house in the woods" in east Texas.

During half of the week, I keep up with our three parents who all have health issues, have church in our home, homeschool our children and assist two others who have just begun the homeschool journey (and it is a journey!) and have a wonderful cathartic healing lunch (counseling session lol) with my dear friend. Check out her blog here.

I then pack (as few belongings as possible) and travel with everyone to the prettiest little place in Texas. Of course, that's just my opinion!!!

What are we doing down there, you might ask?

Well, for the first couple of years, all we have done is build, build, build. We first built a little house that actually looks like a barn. Then my husband acquire some logs from a cabin built in the 1800s and we restored it and have created what we call Restoration House.

We hope that the Lord will use it to restore lives, to allow people to hear His voice, to "be still and know that He is God".

Sometimes, this town mouse/country mouse gets tired of living in two places, but for now I know that this is His will for us. I'm looking forward to see what He will do if only we are willing.

Let me know if restoration is what you are looking for...

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