Friday, December 19, 2008

Once In a Lifetime Soup

Hello Everyone,
Just thought I would share my idea for Once in a Lifetime Soup. I don't really enjoy a leftover day. It is more fun to use different bits from leftovers in the frig to make a creative soup that has no real recipe.

I usually start with some broth, add my leftovers (bits of meat, vegetables, rice or other grain, beans) and then add something fresh to the pot. Perhaps some fresh chopped spinach or frozen peas or corn. One of my husband's favorites is sweet potato!

Then comes the creative part! I add unusual, but handy spices to the mix. I have added cinnamon, cloves, curry, cayenne, ginger, creole seasoning, and even coconut!

When I serve this, I always tell my family that they are getting a "once in a lifetime" soup that can never be repeated. They love it! It has really made eating ordinary leftovers into an adventure.
Hope you can use this!


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