Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Giving

You know, I was just reading a little article on giving.

The author wondered what it would be like to have enough money to give gifts to others and whether or not they would find themselves wanting a pat on the back for having done so.


You know, we all have enough to give gifts to others.

They don't have to be physical gifts.

They can be gifts of time or actions or prayer.

Do we want a proverbial pat on the back for those? Do we have to tell everyone how we spend out time or what we did for someone or what we have been praying about?

If we have to have recognition for organizing the Christmas play or the Sunday School party don't we already know the answer to this question?

Giving a gift has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with the heart.

Help me, help us, Lord, to give like You!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, Lord. I need to learn to be a more cheerful giver. I don't mind giving my time as long it fits in schedule! My husband is such a giver and I want to be! Thanks for this post. Spoke to my heart.