Saturday, September 12, 2009

What If I Were THAT Honest!

For all of you wondering about my pledge, let me say that I have NOT purchased anything new and that I have made the following:

a pillowcase dress

a "cow" print apron

an apron for a friend's birthday

a skirt for Lydia

and a jumper dress

all from fabric out of my stash or from recycled items! Don't ask me for any patterns because I just made them up....(when I can get some pictures taken, I will share them with you)!

BUT, for today, I am wondering if I have the real courage, even the audacity to be completely honest.

As I read other ladies blogs (perhaps even a few gentlemen on occasion) it often occurs to me that I don't share my life quite as openly or vulnerably as many.

Sometimes I even read articles that I could easily have written myself.
My life experiences.

So similar. So exactly where I have been.

I even enjoy and agree with the fearlessness of many of these writers.

Why do not write those same things?

Perhaps, it is because they so often involve other people. These stories are not just MY story, but the story of others' pain, fears, or foibles.

I was reading one of my favorite books today. As the author shared testimony of things that had occurred to women at conferences where she had spoken, she never shared names, but she did reveal things that they had said.

I wondered if they liked seeing their ugliness, comments or problems "hung out on the line."

I wouldn't.

I guess, for now, I just can't be THAT honest!

"Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins."
I Peter 4:8

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