Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Much Prayer Needed

I haven't been to my blog in several days now.

I have been sleeping at the hospital with a very dear sister in Christ.

Her husband, Carlos, was taken by ambulance early Thursday morning to the emergency room.
He has had a blood vessel burst directly behind his left eye.

The Lord has been merciful.

Only 50% of the people who have this happen even make it to the hospital alive.
Please pray for complete recovery.

They are telling us that it will be a long road ahead, but I just keep thinking of the ways of the Lord. He does all things well and in His perfect timing.
Ask Him to continue to pour out his blessings on Carlos, Abril, Bibi and Alex.

They are like family to me.

Next, I would ask for prayer for my dear sister Donna.

She is not blood t
o me, but lived with my family when her dear mother was killed in a bus wreak on the way to the Passion Play.

Her sweet husband has had his cancer return again after two previous battles.

I learned of this on the day Carlos was taken to the hospital.

Again, we are asking the Lord for a miracle.

Finally, I would ask for prayer for my own family. With the exception of my husband and myself, all of my children are ill or are recovering.

My eldest son had hernia surgery this past week and has had a viral infection. My other sons and daughter are all fighting this same virus.

I took one to the doctor yesterday with 103 temp.

I stopped going to the hospital yesterday because I was afraid I might be carrying the virus and that is the last thing they need, but I want to be there for my dear sister.

Please pray for us...

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