Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Just Children's Games!

I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while.

I have not been able to.

I couldn't find the courage to write down the events that have been taking place with the Galvan family.

Suffice to say, Carlos has not been doing well. His progress has been often frightening to us all.

But God...

The Lord truly is gracious to save, to build our faith in ways that I cannot begin to understand.

When my family went down to the hospital on Wednesday evening to take communion with the Galvan family and to pray once again, Carlos really knew us. Spoke to us. Told us he was coming home tomorrow when Bill said that we were looking forward to his coming home.

Of course, he was not coming home the next day, but his cognition has been astonishing!

The therapist had him playing tic-tac-toe, he matched a series of numbers without crossing lines, he separated a deck of card by color and suit and put them in numerical order without being told.

We have a long journey, but there is so much more light now.

We are thrilled!

Thank you again, praying saints. The victory is always the Lord's, but you will have the privilege of sitting at the Victor's table with Him and sharing in this marvelous work that He has done!

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  1. Robin thanks for the update on Carlos.
    If you would like - head on over to my blog and hit the prayer page button - under comments post his full name and I will add to the prayer page.

    In Him,