Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Needed Some Good News

I'm sorry that I have not posted in a couple of days. My husband has been ill.

The past two days have been very disappointing with Carlos. He had become very unresponsive. His eyes were not focusing on any of us. He has not been responding to any verbal commands. He has not tried to make a sound.

Abril was very low yesterday. It was a difficult day.

Last night, we decided to have prayer meeting at the hospital. Abril was clearly depressed, but determined not to give up the fight for Carlos. Her words were:
It hasn't been years. It hasn't even been months.

She was so right...

We began to pray in earnest not only for Carlos, but for the glory that the Lord is getting in this terrible situation. For the ministry that Abril is having with others there in the hospital. One woman asked her if she wondered, "Why me?". Her reply:

Why not me?

She was so right...

Why should we not share in Christ's sufferings? Why should we not grow in our total dependence on His mercy and grace?

We continued to prayer also for the children. That they would be able to stand up under this time of testing and that they would persevere in their faith.

The Lord was truly present among us and Abril was at peace when our prayer time ended.

Bill and I then went up with Abril to pray over Carlos again.

The LORD met us there before we could begin.

Carlos opened his eyes and clearly focused on us. He tried to speak for the first time. He clearly rocognized us and....

he smiled twice!

I have rarely been so overjoyed in my life!

We are not out of the woods; please do not give up praying for this beautiful family.

God is getting glory.

His ways are perfect!


  1. Thank you Lord, for the power of prayer. Thank you for the steadfast faith of those in need and those lifting others up to the throne of grace.


    In Him,

  2. I'm SO glad to hear this! God is good!