Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just When You Think You Have That Conquered

I lost my patience last night with my ds who struggles with an auditory and language processing issue. Worst of all, he was trying to read the Bible with me and understand truths that even many adults struggle with as well. I found myself just wanting the reading session to be over. I thought that I had finally reached a point where the Lord had given me the grace to deal with this. I suddenly realized that I was still far from the target. Oh, I kept my cool on the outside, but the sin is the same. How hurt he would have been if he could have seen my heart last night.
Oddly enough, he lost his patience with his three year old sister today. She was trying to do things for herself and had spilled milk and left the water nozzle on our water purifier running while attempting to get her own water. I found plenty of patience for her and was able to help him see that she was trying her best.
Perhaps the Lord was trying to help me see how infinitely patient He is with us all. We try our best, but sometimes we spill our milk, so to speak, and we just can't clean it up without help.

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