Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Of All the Things to Get Rid Of

Wow! I went to a used book sale last night and found some of the most wonderful things. Of course, I am thrilled, but I began to look at the other side of the question. Why were these books discarded? Oh, I know, perhaps they came from estate sales or garage sales or perhaps the person has no need of this particular book any longer.


This book sale was comprised of relatively young people with children who had perhaps outgrown these books. Who am I to judge if someone wants to get rid of a piece of history or something that perhaps their own children might want to use with their future children? Yes, yes, we can't store everything, but...

Sometimes we forget in the moment that there will be more moments...future moments. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when we so easily discard those treasures from the past I believe we oftentimes discard our entire experience. Especially as women. We think that a chapter has closed on our lives and it has, but the things that we have learned, perhaps even from those no longer needed books will be needed. They are needed right now, by someone.

Even when we have finished that chapter or book in our lives we will still need to read and re-read it again. So will each generation following us.

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