Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something to Brag About

Old topic, nothing new.

My oldest is graduating from high school this year. Oh dear, now all of you will know that I am not young and svelte! Anything, but! Nevertheless, my son is one of these rare, mature young men ready to race after life with both hands open. Completely fearless, he trusts that God will take care of all his needs. And of course, he is right.

Why then, do I feel afraid? Not that the Lord won't do what He has promised, but that it might not look like I want it to look. It might not be flashy enough for all the other parents who know us. It might even look pretty ordinary.

What is so wrong with a regular life? Why are we always wanting to create an allusion? If he wants to go to an ordinary college, take a wife and have children where is the crime?

He's an intelligent young man with all doors open, but he wants to lead a quiet life, work with his hands and give back to others. How do you brag about that?

You don't. That's the point.

I went to a graduation ceremony last night for some of his peers. Judging by what was said, all of the graduates have shining, pristine futures ahead of them. But one brave mother got up in front of the crowd and shared the truth about her son.

"He worked hard, but he struggled," she said. The road to graduation has been hard.

Not difficult. Hard.

Then she said something wonderful. "He takes me for ice cream, his treat!"

Now, that is something to brag about.

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  1. Just letting you know I am peaking in on your blog now and then from the desert over here!

    It is hard to believe how fast time goes, and how quick kids do grow up. I sure am enjoying mine now, I love this season we have right now.

    I can't imagine them taking me out for ice cream anytime soon, but i know it sure will be sweet one day!

    I love hearing from mothers who have/and still are raising boys!I need to glean all I can from others.